Senior Multiplayer Network Programmer

Role: Senior Multiplayer Network Programmer

Location: Copenhagen, Malmo, or Barcelona (on-site)


  • Engine, software or multiplayer/network programmer who has helped ship at least one AAA multiplayer game.
  • Strong knowledge of C/C++
  • Excellent knowledge of network protocols, major APIs and libraries.
  • Well-versed in anything multiplayer-related tech: firewall traversal, data compression and encryption, distributed algorithms, mesh topologies, objects replication, prediction models, latency compensation and anti-cheating.
  • Experienced in navigating and integrating new technologies into large existing codebases.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • You will work with plenty of other teams, so you need a collaborative attitude, being good at knowledge-sharing but also at building on your own skills.
  • You have a structured approach to planning, tasks resource estimation, assigning and breaking them down.
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science, a related education, or equivalent experience.
  • Completely and irrevocably passionate about video games.

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